Essay about The Tell Tale Heart By Edgar Allen Poe

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Since the beginning of time in literature, authors use fiction elements to make their stories more interesting to the audience. Those elements give meaning and structure to the story. For example in the short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe, the story tells how a man kills an old man who give him no reason to do it, and how he confess his crime at the end of the story due to the guilt he felt. Poe used the fiction elements of plot, point of view, and character to illustrate the theme of guilt in “The Tell-Tale Heart.”
Poe’s story plot begins with the exposition of the narrator who is the protagonist of the story; he presents to the audience the place where the story is taking place, the old man’s house. The narrator explains why he is doing what he is about to do. He states that he is going to kill the man because he does not like his eye. Robert Mcllvaine on his article "A Shakespearean Echo In "The Tell-Tale Heart," states that the protagonist had some type of mental illness because this was not a reason to kill a person. Then after the exposition, the rising action begins when the narrator describes how he watches the old man sleep every night, and is nice to him the next morning. The narrator sneaks into the man’s house for several nights, and on the seventh night the climax happens when the narrator murders the old man. As the action falls the narrator hides the body under the room floor. The police arrive to the house because some neighbors heard all the…

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