How Did Edgar Allen Poe Influence His Work?

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Edgar Allen Poe has always been known for his amazing short stories of horror and mystery. A lot of Poe 's stories do have darker or hidden meaning to them, which is why people enjoy them so much. Most readers believed that the stories he wrote was based off his real view of the world and even question his sanity. A lot of writers are influenced by events that occurred in their life and Edgar Allen Poe is one of them. His writing was influenced because of his hard childhood, and his depression he suffered from. "The Tell-Tale Heart" is a very popular writing by Poe and might be connected to his life in a few ways. Poe could have had a secret hidden so well it drove him insane enough to reveal it through writing.
Poe had a difficult childhood because both
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Poe left Virginia on his way to New York he randomly disappeared nowhere to be found. Still today there is no information on what exactly happened the days he went missing. A week later someone found him in a tavern in the streets of Baltimore very ill and drunk. He was then taking to a hospital later finding out he was wearing someone else 's clothes. He eventually died a few days later. Poe had a very short life only living around 40 years. The cause of death or what exactly happened is still unknown today. (1)
With many of Poe 's stories involving crimes, like the Tell-Tale Heart It could be possible that he is admitting a crime that was done by him in real life.This could have perhaps been when he served in the army or a mental illness that was just uncontrollable.(2) Poe 's writing has always had a deeper meaning and his stories could have been his view of the world. Poe 's parents dying at a early age and his depression definitely had an effect on his writing. Whether Poe 's story 's are true or not he will always be the father of horror stories. His writing will be enjoyed by readers for generations to

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