Essay on The Tell Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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“Men have called me mad, but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence,” quoted from the famous works of Edgar Allan Poe to describe a character of a madness and insanity in his work called The Tell-Tale Heart. It is a short story that intrigues the audience with a narrator who is madly obsessed with something so minor, that it drives him into a terrible crime. This story included many elements that helped Poe to develop the plot, but the major literary aspects that the story would suffer without are its tone, imagery, and characterization. An analysis of these three elements will disclose just how Poe achieved its longing effect of excitement, horror, and mystery. How can an author develop the mood for a story in the way that the audience needs to perceive it? The answer to that question is tone, “the perspective or attitude that the author adopts with regards to a specific character, place or development,” (Merriam, 2015). For many authors it is very difficult to develop the tone in the way the audience should identify it, but for Poe his work in The Tell- Tale Heart shows no struggle of making this literary aspect available to his readers. For example, in the beginning of the story the mood of the narrator is anxious/ nervous and, therefore, urges the reader to perceive the whole mood of the story from the first opening. Many times throughout the story Poe uses short pauses such as this “…, I undid the lantern cautiously —oh,…

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