Essay on The Tell Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe was known for his tales of mystery and horror. He was born January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts. Both Poe’s parents died before the he was the age of 3. He was taken in by a wealthy tobacco merchant, John Allen from Richmond, Virginia. Poe started writing poetry at a very early age. Not just writing for fun, but was good enough to publish a book by the age of 13. His stories seemed to always have a dark meaning within them. Many believed he based his stories off his real life feeling about the world. In his story The Tell-Tale heart shows how a person’s hidden secret can drive them insane enough to reveal it. Like many, this piece of writing seemed to be a real experience for him.
The Tell-Tale Heart is a horror fiction genre that tells the story from the narrator’s point of view. In the beginning, it seems that the narrator is in prison. He starts off trying to convince the reader he is not mad. He tells how he can hear things from heaven and hell, but you know right off that the narrator is in fact crazy. Poe shows through this that he is not only trying to convince that the reader that he isn’t crazy, but he is trying to convince himself as well. The narrator wants to kill the old man. The old man is the most descriptive character described as having the “the eye of a vulture”(2) Whenever the eye would look upon the narrator his blood would run cold, so he came up with the idea to kill the old man after viewing the eye. This shows just how insane…

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