The Tell Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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The short story “The Tell-Tale Heart is written by Edgar Allan Poe. The narrator of the story is anonymous. The narrator tries to convey to readers that he is sane, through his words actually convey his lack of sanity. The victim is an old man 's with a pale blue eye. The narrator wasn 't really want to murder the old man, but due to his obsessive, paranoid, he split the old man 's personality into two separate personalities because that eye gives him fearful feeling. After the narrator murders the old man, the narrator hears his own heartbeat due to his anxiety, and his sense of guilt are released through the confession to the police. The character, symbolism, and theme in “The Tell-Tale Heart explore the sense of guilt and insanity. The main character is an anonymous narrator in The Tell-Tale heart. He is a young man and he seems to suffer from paranoid because his character is highly insane throughout the story. The narrator shows that he is unable to distinguish between the real and imaginary sound; because his sensitivities allow him to sense and hear a thing from the imaginary world that other people not even aware of those things. According to the narrator, "I saw the eye with perfect distinctness I could see nothing else of the old man 's face or person" (p.441). The narrator says, he loves the old man, although his eyes are evil and fearful. The narrator is unable to figure out between right and wrong. He cannot see that the eyes he considering as an evil is the…

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