Essay on The Tell Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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“The Tell-Tale Heart” is a Gothic fiction short story written by Edgar Allan Poe. “The
Tell-tale Heart” is told in first person by an unnamed man, who is unaware that he is insane but tries to prove that he is not by telling a murderous story about his past. The narrator shared quarters with the old man, whose pale eye irritated the narrator very much but who otherwise did not bother him. The film over the old man’s pale eye has caused the narrator to develop an obsession with the “Vulture Eye.” The unnamed man murders the old man within eight days and cuts the body into pieces in the hope of never seeing the eye again, and then deposits the body under the floor in the old man’s room. That night of the murder, police come to the quarters due to complaints of the single scream the old man made when murdered. The narrator was able to mislead the police that there was no activity of illegal suspicion. The unnamed man brings chairs for the police to rest into the old man’s room and puts his own chair over the floorboards where the body is hidden. After having small talk with the police, the unnamed man starts to hear a ticking noise that becomes uncomfortably louder. The narrator thinks the police are messing with him and he confesses to the murder of the old man. The unnamed narrator states at the end that the ticking noise that he hears is from the old man’s heart from under the floor boards. Martinez 2 I have terrible memory and could not find the version of…

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