The Tell-Tale Heart And The Black Cat Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… In "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Black Cat' the first person narrators both try to say they are not mad. Both narrators and Poe start their lives off doing rational things then end up becoming irrational. Poe was concerned with what conditions could turn a normal person into a madman.
     These two stories have allot of similarities. Both of these stories the narrators are normal average people who loses their sanity momentarily. Both loved their victims. The narrator of the "Tell Tale Heart" loves the old man he murders and the narrator of "The Black Cat" loves and adores his wife and cat. The murderers love for their victims makes their crimes even more irrational. Both narrators are very confident that they have gotten away with their crimes only to have their murders acts discovered.
     Poe being an alcoholic himself has many of his characters perform their horrifying deeds when they are drunk. Poe knew that alcohol would not have you thinking straight. In the " The Black Cat" the narrator is drunk when he first kills the cat then his
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It is a never ending remembrance of a young man to a woman he loved. The poem tells how a man is in his study on a windy night when he is startled by a noise outside his window. When he opens the window a black raven swoops in. The only word he knows is never more. To the grieving man the word is a reminder of the finality of death.
     Poe wrote the poem "Lencre" when he was watching Virginia die. This poem tells you how you should see when a young woman dies. He tells you how the ritual should be not be read by people who had loved her so she could got heaven the Sabbath song from kind voices.
     Poe took the death of his wife Virginia very hard. After her death he was only able to write four poems Annabel Lee, Eldorado, For Annie and Ulalume. These poems also death with the theme of death. In Annabel Lee the narrator tells how he loved the maiden and how she loved him only. Then she died just like Virginia did. Poe was probably wishing he had died instead of the ones he loved. In Eldorado, Poe is telling how you should seek heaven when you are dead. Ulslume is a poem about the narrator going back to the tomb where he buried Ulalume a year ago. The narrator wants to know if the soul of the dead has left for the

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