The Telepathic Characters Essay examples

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1. a) One of the telepathic characters in the novel was named Michael. Unlike many others, Michael’s parents chose to send him to a real school. By doing this, all of the other kids are able to learn with him, through telepathy. As the children began to learn with Michael their lives became more complicated. The children learned that their special gift was thought to be the same level of deviation as Sophie’s six toes. From this discovery, the kids learned that they had to keep that area of themselves under wrap making their lives more complicated. Most kids in Waknuk and the surrounding area were not as educated as Michael and the others. Having this education gave the group more knowledge than most elders. The group had to be careful not to share this additional information. To do this, they would have to filter every word before they spoke making their lives more complicated. Because it is hard to receive all of the information that Michael was sending, the children had to be extremely careful that they did not repeat it aloud.

1. b) Earning an education is complicated anywhere and everywhere in life, not just Waknuk. When people are young they are ignorant in a blissful way. They do not know the hardships people face or the amount of work it takes to pay for everything. As these people become more educated they learn of these things and each day their lives become more complicated. Throughout our lifetime, the majority of us will have to attend some form of school…

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