Essay The Telemakhy ( Books 1-4 )

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The Telemakhy(Books 1-4)
-Gods: Zues*, Athena(Also disguised as Mentor, 284~)+, Kalypso-,
-Mortals: Telemakhos(son of Odysseus)+, Penelope(Wife of Odysseus)+ , Antinoos(Suitor of Penelope)-, Eurymakhos(Suitor of Penelope)-, other suitors-,
Peisenor(Crier of Ithaka)*, Leokritos(???)-, Mentor(Comrade of Odysseus)+, Eurykleia(Devoted nurse of the Laertes household)+, Nestor(Prince of charioteers, comrade of Odysseus)+*, Menaloas(Comrade of Odysseus)+,
Eteonas(Guard/Doorman for Menaloas)*.
Aspects of Greek culture: -Religion/influences of God: -Gods are depicted as able to mingle with mortals. -The gods determine all activities/events and there outcome. -Polytheism Roles of Family:
-Women of noble class are respected and are not forced to marry (needs consent).
-If there is no man of the household there is no one to protect the family, a.k.a the man of the household is needed to fight off intruders. Food: -Relies heavily on livestock and meat. Social Structure:
-Maids and servents are all on a very low social class and can be punished with death
-There appears to be many social classes. Government: -Monarchy/Anarchy Clothing: -Cloaks are worn.
-Telemakhos demonstrates arête by telling off the suitors of his home, but also shows lack of arête when he doesn’t engage the people who plunder his home.
(Book 1, 416-430)
-Antinoos, Eurymakhos, and all the other suitors lack arête when they feast in a hall that is not their own.
(Book 1, 434~)…

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