The Telecommunication Industry With Orange Senegal Essay

945 Words Oct 25th, 2016 4 Pages
For this sharing, I would like to focus on the telecommunication industry with Orange Senegal, a company which I believe has developed an excellent model to cope with the decline of the voice and reinvent itself.
Organizations either small or big, profit or non-for profit have to control their internal environment, but as well to know what is happening in their external environment and how this can impact on their development. By doing so, organizations can anticipate any external threats and manage change effectively. Unlikely, organizations that were not prepared to change failed. As said by Jack Welch, Former C.E.O of General Electric, you would better change or die.
It’s therefore no wonder that with the fast changes in the technological environment that many organizations in the telecommunication industry had to adapt their strategies so as to keep their customers or sustain their competitive advantages.
Indeed, we have noticed that the key product of telecom companies, we mean the voice has been declining significantly thus affecting their profitability. Face to this big threat, Orange Senegal has been able to reinvent a new business model by developing a mobile banking product known as Orange Money.
My approach will first consist in making an analysis of the telecommunication sector so as to highlight the big threats Orange was faced to, then focus on the product quality, product and value-based quality developed by Orange Senegal to keep its customers and push them…

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