The Ted Talk By Brene Brown Talks Essay

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The TED talk by Brene Brown talks is about why Vulnerability occurs and why it is also essential to feel vulnerable. At first, in her TED talk she begin with story, and her research, such an interesting subject as vulnerability. She discovers how important Vulnerability is and relates to the audience that connection is the purpose in human lives. She mentioned that it is good for People want to be able to connect to other people and people shouldn’t be feeling a shame because shame is just a fear in our own body or the feeling of painful vulnerability. Brown stated that the people who felt the most admirable of connection are those people who had vulnerability, and the people who believe in themselves that they are worthy. She called those people who had vulnerability and believe in themselves as "wholehearted" people, the ones who accepted themselves, knowing their fault, and embrace their vulnerabilities. “Vulnerability is neither comfortable nor excruciatingly painful” as she said. She goes on to talk about how much our society we live in hates vulnerability, and people tries to numb it. However, numbing Vulnerability was never good because it is the reason why this society is becoming more obese, addicted, medicated, and in debt. Brown then presents the important point that when a person numbs their vulnerability, they numb everything about their life, like feeling thankfulness and happiness. Instead of numbing once Vulnerability, People must let themselves to be seen,…

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