The Ted Talk By Alice Dreger Essay

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The Ted talk by Alice Dreger titled Is Anatomy Density? Many different types of aspects that affect the she talks about Gender Identity. As times are changing, it is super important to have society change as well. There are many different syndromes that Dreger talks about that have kids wondering what gender they really are. The big question to ask is if gender disorders should be a part of the medical disorder book. I think that society should not be able to say someone is a male just because of how that person looks on the outside. All that matters is what is on the inside. No one should ever have to feel like they are an outsider because they feel different than how they look.
Alice Dreger gives many different type of speeches about conjoined twins, people with dwarfism, and also people who have a-typical length (Dreger, 2010). A-typical means anyone who is not fully a male or female. There are many different forms of a-typical people. Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome is when the person is pretty much a male because of his chromosomal make up. Dreger says that this means that he was born a female and raised as a female. But when it comes to going through puberty, he does not go through all the changes a female does (Dreger, 2010). Each human ever born as adrenal glands that produce a male hormone. It just depends on your gender on how much of this gland will be produced (Dreger, 2010).
Another syndrome that someone could have is congenital adrenal hyperplasia (Dreger,…

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