The Technology Has Its Virtues And Its Flaws Essay

1393 Words Oct 20th, 2015 6 Pages
I went out to the field so I could to play soccer with my friends, like we did it during our childhood. I showed up a little early, even though the deal was to meet at six in the afternoon. I was so excited about this game and I wanted to see kids playing, so I could remember my past. But the field was completely empty. Not a single child was on the field. The only think you could hear was the sound of the plastic bottles that wind would move all over the place. Has today 's generation heard of soccer, basketball, hide and seek and other games? Their biggest entertainment are mobile phones, computers, social networks, television and tablets. Times have changed. What is going to happened to us in next 100 years? Is it going to be something good or bad for us? All the advanced technology has its virtues and its flaws. A long time ago, my grandfather told me, we used letters and we sent postcards, sitting in the park late at night, singing and playing the guitar next to the fire '. When he would go on the vacation, he would send letters to his parents. They did not have any other choice, because computers and the Internet did not exist. However, childhood my dad looked a little different. The use of Mobile phones increased but they were black and white and some people started using computers but they were bulky and big. When my dad met my mother he communicated with her through letters and of course postcards were popular as well so he would send her one whenever he would…

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