The Technology And Its Effect On Education Essay

939 Words Nov 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Within today 's digital age, there is always an app for that, there are stockpiles of pictures and diagrams online, followed by an endless number of videos available in libraries of topics, while the web contains countless articles behind every internet connection, all of which are available on unprecedentedly advanced devices. Largely, the field of technology continues reaching impressive milestones of convenience. As a consequence, educators and their institutions have their interests piqued by this wealth of technological potential. To be fair, this makes sense because today 's technology has a lot of qualities to aid classroom efficiency. However, these same devices and programs are also capable of harming the learning process. To be clear, many technologies and their digital resources have the opportunity to corrupt the learner and their learning process, risks associating learning with a platform instead of traditional subjects, and is a means to an end that is more expensive than efficient.
By definition, learning is the gaining of knowledge by experience, study, or being taught. That being said, there is little learning that can take place in a digital world where knowledge is wildly spat at each observer. For example, on the subject of how far technology should go in advancing classrooms of the future, author Jacqui Murray visualizes “[a] stream of student comments, thoughts, questions and ideas will appear on the class Smartscreen for the benefit of all. Students…

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