The Technological Side Of Social Networks Essay

1154 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 null Page
Since their introduction, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Myspace have attracted millions. Leading to many users having it integrated in their schedules for a daily visit. The technological side of social networks have advanced tremendously throughout the years. Social networks have always kept it easy for users to grasp the concept of understanding how to use it. It helps for strangers and friends to keep connected through common interest and information about themselves. It has been easier to access these sites by incorporating new tools, such as mobile connections, blogging, and photo/video-sharing which has altered the different ways a user can express something. The purpose of social networks is to provide users with connection to others based off shared interested, political views, or activities. Some sites cater to diverse audiences and attract people with the common language, race, sexual preferences, and religious beliefs. By allowing users to share similar interests, it has allowed for people to express themselves and develop relationships with others. By allowing for people to have more connections it’s given people more ways to get in contact with one another rather than emailing, texting, or calling. The term social networking is dedicated to websites and applications to interact with others and to find people with similar interests to oneself. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, or etc. Social networking is one of the most…

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