The Technological Development Of The Mobile Era Essay example

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The scientific progress and technological development now enter the world to what is called the mobile era, which means technology has become transmitted with individuals and hand-held, and placed in the pocket of their small size, and is used as facilitator in anytime, anywhere, and mobile phone comes in the forefront of these means, which has spread rapidly , did not enjoy any other IT system so prevalent among the educated, also received a phone technology, regardless of age, gender or economic level of the learner, so that the number of phones in some countries exceeds the number of individuals which, prompting governments and developing and developed countries alike, to employ all that is new in all spheres of life in, including the fields of education, in order to develop their systems, and activate the input to do its job placed upon service to individuals and society. It has become clear that use of phones by teenagers and children has become a regular in the present day, but it is stupendous that the lucrative this item began to find their way to children who are in the prime of life and become a phenomenon of the spread of phones in schools that have emerged in recent widely, even it is can not be someone empty pocket of the phone. I see that phones has become a necessity of life, such as clothing and food, and works to communicate with my parents, and achieve doing business in shorter time. Views were divided between supporters and opponents of the subject of the…

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