The Technological Advances Of The 21st Century Essay

794 Words Nov 8th, 2015 4 Pages
The technological advances of the 21st century, while beneficial to our quality of life have influenced changes to educational requirements in every occupation. As the United States becomes more dependent on highly educated professionals for every sector of the economy; technology, retail, healthcare, farming, etc., future education reform needs to include a plan to educate citizens who can maintain and grow the increasing complex civic infrastructure. To guarantee our communities can address the current and future demands of the 21st century and ensure that the next generation of highly educated professionals come from within our United States borders, all US citizens must believe they have access to the education and training needed for current and future occupations. For marginalized communities to consider an alternative to social welfare; they must feel included and welcome to pursue professional careers. The complex matrix of restrictions, quota’s and monetary barriers currently entrenched in the fabric of our current higher education system, are far from inviting to those on social welfare programs. Admittance to institutions of higher learning going forward for all socioeconomic levels needs to be abundant, unrestricted, inclusive and economical.
Access to abundant unrestricted higher education opportunities for disenfranchised populations, eliminates the knowledge gap students’ experience with how to access scholarships and grants. The need for extensive,…

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