The Techniques Of Formative Feedback And Analyze The Effect It Has On Student Motivation

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As a teacher, I face the challenge of consistently providing students with relevant, instructive feedback to further their motivation and growth. Meaningful feedback such as this is an essential part of a successful classroom (Marzano, 2010). Teachers must also give students the tools to form a positive outlook towards learning with the hope that students will become lifelong learners. Motivation to learn can be a key component in this process of creating lifelong learners and individuals motivated to achieve great things. The purpose of this study is to explore the techniques of formative feedback and analyze the effect it has on student motivation in math. In a situation where teachers provide students with positive instruction based feedback studies have shown that this has a positive effect on student motivation (Fluckinger, Vigil, Pasco, Danielson, 2010; Harachkiewicz, Adrahams, Wageman, 1987). Successful forms of feedback must be identified and be accessible to teachers
I will begin collecting data at the beginning of math unit 2. I will be giving students written instruction based feedback, verbal instruction based feedback and measuring the effects on student motivation. I believe with a clear plan to utilize instruction based feedback I will see an increase in student motivation. I will collect evidence to measure student motivation at the beginning, throughout, and at the end of math unit two. I will be collecting qualitative and quantitative data during my…

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