Essay about The Team That Wasn't

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A Case Analysis: The Team That Wasn’t

This case analysis presents an objective assessment of FireArt’s team concept. It offers a critique of the company’s failed attempt to establish a team of department heads assembled with the objective of realigning FireArt’s organizational structure in order to address its decreasing revenue share in the novelty market. This is not an assessment of the company’s business practices, but it does present an intuitive review of some of FireArt’s current managerial deficiencies that may be hindering their ability to accomplish their stated goals. This review identifies the overall problem, provides an assessment of the issues related to the stated problem, and offers recommendations for
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FireArt could benefit from this process. The preparation and the inevitable technological transition of a firm can be a difficult journey. In the long run, it can be beneficial in establishing a pathway to sustainability, or it can cause confusion and uncertainty within a firm’s current operations (Hsin-hui, Zolkiewski, 2010). One thing is clear, however, if a firm does not enter the chase for technological advancement, it will find itself struggling to compete against the smaller, leaner, more streamlined firms. FireArt has found itself vulnerable to the negative affects of technological stagnation.
(2) Middle management is unprepared to make decisions. One of many mistakes a firm can make in its attempts to tackle projects of sizeable scale involves the delegation of tasks and important decisions to individuals or teams that are unprepared to make high level decisions. Not only is this a daunting task for even the most skilled set of task masters, but it can be especially difficult for individuals in the middle management sector of the firm’s hierarchal structure. Fluctuating external environments, mixed with internal

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