The Team And Role Play Project Essay

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I. Introduction
The aim of this report is to provide you the individual research efforts, contribution, interactions, and personal learning insights on the Team / Role Play Project since the individual report 1.
II. Summarise / analyse your individual research efforts on the Team / Role Play Project since your Individual Report 1
My assigned role in DataSpread project was Pricing for Value Strategy/Basis. During all phases of the project, I used to look for external sources of information that supports operations to achieve the project objectives. University Library site and some articles in the student page (course material) were one of my sources. I 've got the information about technology products, small markets, and strategies in which access to marketing opportunities. Therefore, during the interviews stage "customer discovery, validation and creation" I used to take the interview outcomes, analyse and write down the key points then compare them with the team assumptions to reach the accurate results. Furthermore, summarize the information and feedback, which we received from the interviews in order to know how to use the inputs effectively to produce output. In addition, following key tools and processes, which I have used in pricing value strategy:
• Value map
It enables to draw a visual map in order to position the product with respect to the competitors in the market.
• Product appraisal
A tool that enables to set price what your product really create wealth.

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