The Teachings Of Education Is Not Fair Essay

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The teachings of education can be found dating back all the way to 3500 B.C., with multiple ancient civilizations developing writing systems. Education has evolved since then into one of the most important pieces of life today. Gaining an education is almost necessary to be successful in the world today. But is education being taught the right way? The philosophies of education that schools use today is all wrong, and in most cases inhibiting a student’s full capacity to learn. I believe that the philosophy of education should take an existentialism approach, emphasizing the individual approach over the importance of rational theories. Not only should the student be taught common subjects, he or she should also be taught life skills, as well as the academic interests of the student. Then the student will truly be learning at his or her full capacity. Today’s schools in a quick evaluation is that they hinder a student’s ability to encompass knowledge. The education system is not fair to all. Many socioeconomic problems are found in school today. In Spring Chapter 3 it talks about how just the gender you are plays a roll of how successful you will be in life, or where you live can prohibit your learning. A kid living in a poor inner-city neighborhood will not receive the same education as a kid living in the suburbs, right outside of the city, it’s proven. New Trier a high school in the suburbs of Chicago has an expenditure pupil of $21,372, while Curie Metropolitan, an…

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