Essay on The Teachings Of Buddhism Speak Of The State Of Nirvana

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The teachings of Buddhism speak of the state of Nirvana. Nirvana is a transcendent state where there is no desire or suffering. Nirvana is an ideal, perfect place where one is released from the continuous cycle of rebirth. This state, also known as Enlightenment, represents the final stage of Buddhism. Buddha created the Eightfold Path for his followers to help guide them to Nirvana. When introduced to the steps in this Eightfold Path and to the entire concept of Nirvana, I gave it a lot of thought. I came to realize that following this path could show to be difficult, but for no other reason than the way I was looking at it. As I read the eight steps I realized I was setting goals for myself based off of each one. I believe that is wrong. Taking a step and creating a new goal for myself is not the correct way to look at this. This is why the first step I am dealing with is the first one on the list: Right View. Right View is about looking at yourself and the world around you in a positive way, and seeing it for its beauty without wanting anything more or less. Which is why treating each step as a goal is wrong. Because when you strive for and desire something you do not currently possess, which is what a goal is, you keep yourself from witnessing the perfection of your life at that very moment. When you can let go of goals and see the glory in the life around you, you have the Right View needed to reach Nirvana. Having the Right View is also about understanding…

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