The Teaching Philosophy Of Teaching Essay

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Is teaching, and more particularly, the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), a political domain of professional practice? There are two aspects to this issue: first of all, is teaching a professional practice, and secondly, is such practice political. This essay is going to focus on the second part and discuss the politicalness of teaching practice under the presupposition that teaching is a profession. It will argue that teaching, and especially TESOL, are highly politicalized and heavily influenced by political intention. Firstly, the teaching profession as a whole and its relationship with political ideologies is will be discussed. Then, the focus will be put on the politicalness of TESOL education in both in English-dominant societies and non-English-dominant societies.
Maclure (1976) stated that “education cannot be taken out of politics”. Indeed, there is a political intention for every educational system. How? To begin with, internationally, the ultimate goal of every educational system is to prepare students to enter the society as independent and responsible individuals. However, the definition of such successful individual various upon societies, and different governments and political systems have different expectation on their people. For example, according to the Melbourne Declaration of Education Goal, the Australian government wants its students to become “active citizens” after their education (ACARA, 2008); while such wording is…

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