The Teacher 's Special Education Teacher Essay

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Ms. Geotziner is the lead teacher in a kindergarten classroom with 24 students. Her classroom assistant Ms. Vicki has been with her for several years, she is an asset in the classroom. Ms. Vicki spends dedicted time each morning assessing the students on letter recognition, sight words, number senses, etc. The data allows Ms. Geotzinger to keep a track of student achieve and respond if intervention is required. The school’s Special Education Teacher comes in twice a week to work with three children with lanague delays goals aligned with their IEPs. A Handwriting Without Tears specialist visits the classroom everyday working with students in small groups on their handwriting and letter recognition.
Co-Teaching Observation
I also observed in Ms. Starke kindergarten classroom to gain another perspective on student experiences. The (two) classrooms are set-up in a similar fashion, each has a large open area with a carpet allowing all students to meeting comfortable throughout the day. Four children are stationed at each table common supplies on the table and a transportable draw with their math and writing journals. Each teacher uses color-coded table identifiers to move the children through transitions with less behavior problems. Each student has a unobstructed view of the SmartBoard, Ms. Geotzinger also wears a microphone to project her voice so all students can hear her directions.
Both kindergarten classes share the same schedule with the exception of lunch start time and…

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