The Teacher Tenure Law Is Taught At Grand Valley State University

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Finding a Balance
As a student studying at Grand Valley State University to be an early childhood education teacher; knowing about the laws that teachers in Michigan have to abide by is important. The Teacher Tenure Law is one law teachers of all grade levels should know about. Not only is the Teacher Tenure Law important for teachers to be informed about and understand but also for parents whose children are in school, voters, and taxpayers. Parents should be correctly informed about the Teacher Tenure Law in order to be involved with their child(ren)’s learning. Voters have a say in laws dealing with teacher tenure so it is important for them to have the right information regarding the Teacher Tenure Law. Taxpayer’s hard earned money goes toward school and education so taxpayers should also be informed also. In other words the Teacher Tenure Law affects everyone so everyone should be well informed.
However, whether or not public school teachers should be protected by the Teacher Tenure law is quite controversial. The Teacher Tenure Law is an important controversy because the law has an effect on children’s education. There are aspects of the Teacher Tenure Law that are beneficial and there are aspects of the law that are not beneficial. The Teacher Tenure Law needs to be altered to better enhance the education system for the children.
First, knowing the correct definition and what exactly the law involves is important in order to take a stance on the controversy. Each…

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