The Teacher Student Relationship Can Influence Students Essay

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Teacher-child relationships are an integral component of a child’s everyday life. Especially for children who are in elementary school around the ages of 7-10. During those years, students spend a lot of time each week in the classroom with the same teacher and participate more in classroom activities and learning. Research has shown how important the teacher-student relationship can influence students’ outcomes in school (REF). That teacher-student relationship can also have an impact on a student’s mindset. Parsons et al. examined classroom influences and found that teachers’ behaviors affect children’s attitudes. In this study, they also found that praise and criticism given by the teacher was related to the student’s beliefs about math and participation in the class, such as asking questions in class. Other studies looked at effects of teacher support and goal emphasis ( Yıldırım, 2012; Friedel, Cortina, Turner, & Midgley, 2010) and how it affects an individual child. There has not been much research that measures the teacher’s beliefs, that is the teacher’s own mindset and belief on intelligence, or examined the interaction between the teacher and student in relation to a student’s mindset. This is important to investigate because the teacher’s beliefs contribute to how the classroom is structured, and therefore may affect how they behave and treat students in the classroom, which in turn can affect students’ mindsets. There also has not been much research on…

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