The Teacher Is The Fountain Of All Knowledge Essay

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"The teacher is the fountain of all knowledge.". This statement was true before the widespread use of the Internet but today 's teacher as Charlotte Mason puts it " The teacher 's business is to indicate, stimulate, direct and constrain to the acquirement of knowledge, but by no means to be the fountain-head and source of all knowledge..." -- Charlotte Mason

and in a way I agree to this statement in the current environment the teacher 's role has changed in the developed nations where access to information and the internet is very wide spread and the traditional view of education as a 4 years degree from a university has changed, in todays connected world the concept of educating yourself and acquiring the knowledge is an ongoing never ending process, we have to keep learning to be effective in our fields.

So in this environment the concept of the teacher has changed too "Today a teacher is not a fountain of knowledge, but the internet is. Internet is used in information delivery as well as gathering. IT expertise is important for successful delivery of what a teacher wants to convey to pupils using tools that they are familiar with," Dheeraj Mehrotra

"The information spectrum of children has increased a lot these days and the teachers should not snub the students when they ask questions, instead if they do not know the answer, they should come back prepared with the answer later. Some teachers, in fact, are not comfortable facing the students at all without their…

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