The Teacher Is The Fountain Of All Knowledge Essay

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“The teacher is the fountain of all knowledge."
1. What is your response to this statement? Why?
“The teacher is the fountain of all knowledge.” on the surface, this is a rather silly statement. No single professor, regardless of how intelligent, could possibly know all knowledge. So what teacher are we talking about? You can learn from almost everything. The Internet might be considered a font of much knowledge, but perhaps not all. If you take the broadest perspective, then I guess life itself is the ultimate teacher. Life experiences will teach you all the knowledge you will ever learn. With that in mind this statement is true. The teacher is the fountain of all knowledge.
This, however brings to mind an old English proverb from the 12th century (original source unknown). “You can lead a horse to water, but you can 't make him drink”
2. What is the perception of the roles of teachers and students in your country?
The perception of teachers, and the roles of students has changed drastically in Canada over the last few decades. Originally teachers were considered strict authoritarians. Most were highly respected, but at the same time there was always an element of fear. Today the perception of teachers and students roles has changed.
Often a teacher is viewed like a really good tour guide. He brings people to places they have never been. He helps them explore these locations. He also helps them better appreciate and understand what they are seeing…

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