Essay on The Teacher From Hell - Original Writing

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The Teacher From Hell Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! The dismissal bell just went off. As I was leaving the classroom, my teacher, Mr. Rase, the one I hate the most called me over and said “Jake Hazel, are you ready for the test”
I quickly responded with a head nod and said, “Yeah I think I’ll be ready.”
Mr. Rase then gobbled on by saying, “Fail is going to be what’s written all over your test!”
So I quickly turned around and left the classroom, the only thing that I had going through my head was Mr. Rase stroking his long 2 foot beard and stamping the word “FAIL” in all capital letters on my test.
It was about three o’clock when I arrived home. I grabbed my backpack and sprinted inside because of the thunder. I ran into my room, shut my door, and jumped in bed. I then grabbed my ACT textbook and started going over the best tips to pass the test. Usually people can take the ACT more than once but it costs money, and I can’t afford to pay for another one considering both of my parents are out of a job, so it would be impossible for me to pay for another one in time for me to go to college on time. My grades have been steadily decreasing, I had a three point six grade point average freshman year, and sophomore year, junior year I had a three point two, and now senior year, the first quarter ended and I had a two point five. It was mostly because of my teacher Mr. Rase being a jerk to everyone in the classroom considering the class average in the class overall was a sixty…

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