The Tea Of A Tea Essay

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China first introduced the world to tea, and according to Chinese tradition the first cup was brewed by Shen Nung, an emperor who reigned 2737-2697. It was claimed that like wine and coffee, the tea was created by accident. It is said that Nung was boiling water to drink, when a gust of wind brought some leaves into his pot. When he drank the tea, it was found refreshing. Tea is a mix of dried leaves, flowers and buds of the evergreen bush, Camellia sinensis. The drink quickly spread throughout China and became the national drink. Tea had been drunk in Japan as early as the sixth century, and the culture created a ceremony for the drink. There must be special tools used in this ceremony, and the order and nature of their use must not be overlooked. It is said that if a tea ceremony has been done poorly or with little care, it is not even worth tasting the tea. The drink spread to Europe, and again many people had opposing views on the drink; Simon Pauli had claimed that transporting it from China made the tea poisonous, while Nikolas Dirx had recommended tea to everyone, and that you should drink up to ten cups a day. As it turned out, Britain appeared as the most tea-loving country. Tea was first introduced by Catherine of Braganza, who married the king in 1662. It was discovered she was an avid tea drinker and brought it with her. Tea companies were granted powers from King Charles, as to acquire territory and even maintain an army. The drink was for the wealthy, as tea…

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