The Tax Laws Of America Essay

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Perhaps one of the most dividing facets of American life during the 1990’s was the institution Welfare and how it affected the economy. Conservative politicians campaigned for a reduction in social program, dubbed the terms “welfare queens” and “anchor babies” and swore on stacks of Bibles that America was broke because of the poor. The irony in their words then rings true today, because although we have a broken welfare system, it still manages to pay out only 3% of the government’s federal budget, meanwhile corporate tax breaks, subsidies, and other financial wizardry is 50% higher, accounting for 5% of the budget. What this translates to is American taxpayers paying money to work and live in America. The current tax laws that we have in America have generated a “welfare for the rich”, that being an intentionally complicated tax code that allows for government handouts, subsidies, incentives for production and huge oversight.American corporations are given money handover fist every year by politicians who intentionally mislead the public into thinking that tax reform will destroy the country and usher in brutal Communist dictatorships. Big business has a vested interest in keeping the financial system the way it is, custom tailored to be a labyrinth of complicated jargon that fools even the government itself.
Welfare for the rich comes in a variety of forms, such as the recent fight for the elimination of the estate tax, or as it has rather cheerfully been named the…

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