The Taming Of The Shrew Essay

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Throughout a majority of human history women were thought to only serve one main purpose in society; the role of an obedient housewife. This perspective played a large role in the society Shakespeare lived in and can be seen a lot through his writings. This especially shows in his play The Taming of The Shrew. This play revolves around the marriage of the two characters Katherine and Petruchio. Katherine, the eldest of her family, is awaiting to be wed but due to her disobedience and rebellious behavior she is very undesirable to the local bachelors. The character Petruchio looks past this and takes her as his wife and through very devious tactics “tames” her. In act two, scene one, lines 262-276, Petruchio gives a very important dialogue in which he expresses how he will make Katherine his wife whether she likes it or not and also how he will domesticate her. This dialogue sets up the whole foundation of their relationship and deals a great amount of foreshadowing to the rest of the play. The significance seen in this quote is tremendous. It is a representation of the views on women in Elizabethan England, demonstrates their role in society and the chaos that would arise if they break that convention.
The passage under discussion encompasses the whole speech that Petruchio gives to Katherine in lines 262-276. It begins at the start of the dialogue and ends as Petruchio finishes. The main idea behind the speech is the concept of “taming” Katherine and how Petruchio will turn…

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