The Tall Woman And Her Short Husband Essay

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Love is in the eyes of the beholder. This statement has been uttered throughout time and throughout the world. Love has influenced everything from art to music, even writing. Ji-Cai and Moravia used the concept of love in their short stories "Poor Fish" and "The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband" to not only reach a wide audience but to also show that love is not "skin deep". "Poor Fish" is about a less than fortunate man who became friends with a woman who can see past his insecurities. "The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband" is about a tall woman who loves a short man and everyone believes it 's for his money but it was shown throughout the novel that true love between the two exists. Both of these short stories, even though they were written thousands of miles apart, share a common theme that can be related to throughout the world. Both stories regardless of their setting, exemplify a universal truth that true love does not only see physical attributes.
In the short story "Poor Fish" Alberto Moravia displays through dialogue and context that the main character lacks self confidence and self worth. This is prominent when the main character states "As for me, I went to in the direction of thinking myself inferior to everyone" (Moravia). But throughout this short story the main character meets a young woman who works at the same job as him and they start to fall in love. While this couple is falling in love the main character still lacks confidence because he does not believe…

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