The Tale Of The Wife Of Bath By Geoffrey Chaucer Essay

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The tale of the Wife of Bath, written by Geoffrey Chaucer, is anti-feminist. It tells the story of a young knight that must go on a journey to avoid punishment for his crime. At the end of the tale, the Knight is rewarded with a beautiful and faithful wife. This story is anti-feminist because it avoids punishing the Knight for his crime and makes gross judgements of all women. The story begins with a knight raping a young woman. Medieval law states that the punishment for rape is beheading. The Knight is saved by the Queen who instead gives him a year to solve a riddle to avoid death. The Knight wanders the countryside and asks many people the answer to his riddle; what do women want most? He receives many answers: money, sex, good looks, remarriage, and to be free. On his way back to the castle the knight is sad because his time to solve the riddle is almost up and he still has not found the answer. The Knight comes across a group of young women dancing in the forest, but they all disappear and leave an Old Woman in their place. The Knight asks the Old Woman for the answer to the riddle. The Old Woman says that she will tell him the answer, but only if he promises to marry her. The Knight agrees to marry the Old Woman and they travel to the castle together. The Knight stands in front of the Queen and her court and declares that control over their spouse is what women want most. The Queen agrees that this is the answer. The Old Woman proposes to the Knight; he then begs…

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