The Tale Of The Pardoner 's Tale Essay

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Wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony, these are the seven deadly sins. Each one is said to send a person to Hell, where the one who committed that sin lives out their eternal punishments. At the time, pardons were bought to lessen a person’s eternal punishment in Hell by a few years. Even though the Pardoner in “The Pardoner 's Tale,” an excerpt from The Canterbury Tales, preached against these horrible sins, he does not follow his own advice and is guilty of every one of the sins.
The Pardoner’s greatest guilt comes from the sin of greed, even though his tale is focused around how horrible the sin is. In his prologue he says, "I preach for nothing but the greed of gain" (Beers 129). His only goal in making others repent is to gain their money. The stories he tells embed the people with their own guilt. Their guilt causes them to want to kiss these relics and provide the pardoner with money since he made them believe it was the only way to arrive at heaven. He mentions in lines nine and ten that his preaching can bring the people to repent, but overall that’s not his real intention (Beers 129). His real intention is to siphon as much money as he can out of them.
Then, the tale he tells is all about the sin of greed. He tells the pilgrims in lines five and six, "Thus I preach against the very vice I make my living out of – avarice." He preaches about it but the greed doesn’t show up till the conclusion of his tale. When death gives the men a pile of gold,…

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