The Tale Of Porphyria 's Lover By Robert Browning Essay

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Friedrich Durrenmatt once said, “It’s only in love and in murder that we still remain sincere” (“Murder Quotes”). This quote perfectly describes the tale of “Porphyria’s Lover”. In the Robert Browning poem, the narrator is a man who, after a night of passion and intense emotion, abruptly murders his lover. Upon first reading the poem, it puzzled me as to why the narrator would murder such a beautiful woman. However, I discovered that the narrator’s abnormal behavior and the complications of the relationship due to social hierarchy were the reasons he murdered Porphyria.
There are many points in the poem where the narrator shows he has a mental disorder. One of the first pieces of evidence is in the beginning of the poem when the narrator describes the setting of the story in an end stopped pattern (line 1-5). End stopping in poetry includes putting punctuation at the end of every line. It gives the sense that the story will be contained and the characters will have relatively calm demeanors. However, as soon as the narrator begins to describe Porphyria it breaks this pattern and goes into an enjamed structure. Using this type of structure means that the narrator loses his sense of stability over the story, which suggests the narrator and Porphyria were in a rocky relationship at this point of time. The moment that the narrator strangles Porphyria he asserts “No pain felt she,” also stating, “I am quite sure she felt no pain” (line 41-42). The emotional anguish of the…

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