The Tale Of Little Red Riding Hood Essay examples

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Throughout history classic fairy tales have been retold and changed. These changes reflect to the social culture at the time of each variant. Changes that are portrayed onto characters and plots of the tale. For instance many know the tale of the little girl going off into the woods alone wearing a red hood, known as Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood has many variants; versions where Little Red is foolish and ultimately eaten and others where she is fearless and meets the end she is content with.
The tale of Little Red Riding Hood variations relate to the specified societies the tale was written for. The Story of Grandmother by Paul Delarue is one of the variations of the tale where Little Red goes into the woods to visit her grandmother, she then encounters the werewolf that most variants compare to. However, in this variation instead of falling victim to the werewolf, Little Red escapes. The protagonist arrives to her grandmother’s and meets the wolf again, obediently drinking the wine which is the blood of her grandmother’s, she is told to strip for him and join him in bed. After doing so, she distracts the antagonist; asking to relieve herself, from there she runs to safety. The heroine is seen as brave and clever, she wasn’t afraid of the werewolf, she was clever enough to make it seem that he had the upper hand and used that to her advantage to trick him.
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