Essay about The Tale Of Fairy Tales

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Fairy tales has a very rich and long history, they have existed in our society about thousands years. As people were first able to speak and write, at the very beginnings fairy tales were passed on orally and the topics they concerned with were closely connected with the life of the people within the community, the original fairytales of the 17 to 19 centuries all contain specific gender stereotypes. As for the characteristic portrayals, women are typically described in an inferior or even unfavorable way. They are present as weak princesses that wait for a brave prince to rescue them, or as evil witches who want to kill someone or destroy anybody´s plans. Princesses are always very beautiful with a gorgeous dress and they are also naive and unable to act or decide without a necessary help either of animals or genius. On the other hand, typical characters that men represent in fairy tales are far more independent than their female counterparts, courageous princes who are able to save anyone, usually the weak princesses, almost without any obstacles and, moreover, they get the princess as a reward.
In Charles Perrault 's version of Cinderella, the protagonist, Cinderella herself, is hardly referred to without some mention of her physical appearance or gentle temperament, she is “Unparalleled goodness and sweetness of temper, which she took from her mother, who was the best creature in the world.” Similarly, in The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, another of Perrault 's…

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