The Tale Of Fairy Tales Essay example

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When a child hears the words “Once Upon a Time” they automatically know a fairy tale is coming. In today 's society fairy tales are used to show children the act of heroism and that good always wins, but fairy tales were not always like this. Fairy tales used to be scary and gruesome stories about the consequences of human mistakes, but over time changed from being life lessons, for adults, to showing hope to children, which makes them so popular today. One fairy tale that shows the gruesome and lesson learning part along with the heroic side of a fairy tale is the story “Rapunzel”.

The fairy tale “Rapunzel” is a german tale collected and edited by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, in 1812, that tells about a girl who was taken away from her parents as a baby, by a witch, because her father stole rapunzel from the witch’s garden. The witch took the baby girl, Rapunzel, away, and at the age of twelve locked her in a tower with no doors or stairs, and the only way to get in or out was to climb up Rapunzel 's long, golden hair only after chanting, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down thy hair” (Grimm 70). One day, a prince hears Rapunzel’s singing from the tower, and climbs up to her. When the witch found out about the prince’s visits, she banished Rapunzel to the desert, where she gives birth to twins, and pushes the prince off the tower, where he is blinded by thornbushes. The prince wandered, without sight, for years trying to find Rapunzel, and when he finally found her she cries…

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