The Tale Of A Boy And His Friends And The Game They Play Together

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Let me tell you about Homestuck

“Homestuck; The tale of a boy and his friends and the game they play together.” Is the official summary of the webcomic Homestuck as said by its creator, Andrew Hussie. Just this explanation of the comic, while accurate is barely enough information for a new reader. The comic consisting of now over 9,000 pages, has intense plots, multiple climaxes and over 165 characters. In Homestuck one is able to empathize with fictional characters, fall in love with stories, plots and characters; so grab the popcorn, and “Let me tell you about Homestuck”. Fictional characters can provoke emotions from people, when reading a tragic story, we may cry when our favorite characters die. When a character falls in love in a novel, we might be happy or feel the love between these characters. Often people are able to connect with these characters, able to empathize with a fictional name having a personality. In Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck, with over 9,000 pages and so many characters people are able to really see how these characters develop. Homestuck the comic is a great piece of fiction, often referred to as ‘The Ulysses of the Internet’. The characters are extremely relatable, Hussie makes sure to make the plot realistic, bringing issues in such as racism, Social class issues, Gender and sexual identities as well as mental/physical disabilities. With these plot lines and characters, it brings a realistic vibe. People are able to empathize with the…

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