The Tactile Nature Of Writing Essay

755 Words Sep 24th, 2015 4 Pages
As the world of technology continues to progress in an exponential rate, portable technologies such as laptops, tablets, phones, etc. continue to become more accessible to students due to their decrease in cost and size. With greater accessibility and affordable prices, universities across the globe have seen a giant influx of laptops among their classes across various disciplines. In a class like CCT109, there is no need for laptops as the lectures are often discussion oriented rather than simply being fact oriented. This requires undivided attention of which laptops tend to interrupt due to their very distractive nature. In addition, using laptops to write notes do not necessarily enforce the learning process. The tactile nature of writing notes, highlighting important points with markers, etc. generally help students with better grasp the subject material compared to those who use laptops in order to type their notes. In addition, laptops cannot be entirely trusted as a simple system failure or damage in the hardware can erase an entire year’s worth of notes and course materials. This makes them less reliable than notebooks as the contents written in notebooks stay there permanently. The lectures in CCT109 are specifically designed for the professor to reinforce the knowledge that the students have already acquired through their readings. The discussions being held during the class help students critically analyze the course topics with multiple facets of understanding…

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