The T4 Program: How Hitler Did Hitler Target The Jews And The Holocaust

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T4 Program
During WW2 Hitler did not only target the Jews but other groups as well. Nazis would target mentally and physically disabled patients living in germany and give them a good death (“Euthanasia Program”). The T4 program was Hitler 's way of eliminating the defects in the German race . Hitler and his followers would see the program as a way of cleansing the German race (“T-4 Origins,). The T4 Program, was the genesis for a lot of what would happen during the final solution; people should have stood up and protected the killing of the mentally and physically disabled in Germany.
The T4- Program was a program made by Hitler to get rid of anyone with a minor to severe disability. He spread FALLACIES so he could make
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Hitler gave an order to stop the program but doing this didn’t stop the killing the patients (“T4 Medical”).Hitler alone could not trick the citizens of Germany into thinking that the T4 Program was shut down to stop resistance. “Hitler apparently gave Brandt a verbal order on or about 24 August 1941 to end or at least `stall’ operation T4,” ("T4 Medical Killing Program”). The program was stopped so that the Nazis could continue it in secret and so everyone would be OBLIVIOUS to what was really happening so they wouldn’t fight back. The T4 program was shut down due to complaints but later to be realized to be a lie so the Nazis could continue their killings ("T4 Medical Killing Program”). The T4 Program had little resistance after that so no one could stand up and stop the program because everyone thought it was …show more content…
The people in the program didn’t look at it as meaningless killing of innocents and more like a cleansing.“The program was one of many radical eugenic measures which aimed to restore the racial "integrity" of the German nation,” (“Euthanasia Program”). Officials of the Program didn’t think that they were even good enough to be it their society. “The official conclusion of the T4 Program in 1941 also coincided with the escalation of the Holocaust, the culmination of Nazi programs to eliminate those deemed an embarrassment to the "master race",” (Berenbaum). The nazis would continue to mock and hate of the patients so they wouldn’t want to stand up to what the T4 Program really was.
Fighting Back
Due to the Nazis being such a FORMIDABLE organization the citizens of Germany would be afraid that if they fight back they would be sent to the camps and killed. The Nazis were more than ready to get rid of the patients and if anyone who would stand up for what was right they would be seen as defying the Nazi army. By resisting the Nazis they would go straight to whoever spoke out against them.

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