The System Development Life Cycle Essay

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The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a unique group of stages involved in the creation or development of a system. The process involved in the SDLC is comprised of four phases with a series of steps involved in each phase. The phases involved in the SDLC process include: Planning phase, which represents the vital stage of the process as it defines the problems and scope of the system, seeks viable solutions by carrying out feasibility tests, the schedule of the project is developed here and also assimilates project resources that are required. The analysis phase follows and is tasked with requirement prioritizing, alternative generation and evaluation, organizational policy review and providing recommendations to the management. The design phase is tasked with the determination of the system operation and structure architecture with regard to the user interface, software, data retrieval procedure, hardware, processes, networking, archiving and use. The Implementation phase is the final stage where the system is installed, customized and tested (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015). The research discusses the SDLC use in the hospital fraternity or the health care world.
Utilization of SDLC in the Health Care System
Use of the SDLC in the world of medicine has been quite common nowadays as most hospitals have adopted the digital world brought about by technology. Most health care facilities apply the use of information systems that adopt the SDLC for example, the…

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