Essay on The Syrian Refugees

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1) Today America is faced with a decision on whether or not they should accept the Syrian refugees to have refuge on American soil. In Syria, their homeland is in a state of turmoil and all they are asking is for some help. Similar to what the Jews had asked for in WWII during the holocaust. Can this be a repeat in history? It’s not wrong to compare what is happening with the Syrian refugees today to what had happened with the jews while the Holocaust was taking place. During World War II, the Nazi’s in Germany had built concentration camps that had held Jewish people captive. The main purpose of these camps were to exterminate every Jewish affiliated person as possible. It was a planned genocide. It has been said that the Allied forces did not know that these camps had existed in the world. The United States (being one of the Allied Forces) once they had found some of these camps in Germany, they were shocked to see such horrible conditions that the Jewish people had suffered through. Wishing that they would have been able to help liberate the Jews earlier in the war and saving them, seems contradictory of what we see today. Right now Syrian refugees suffering from the war happening in their homeland had wanted to seek refuge in the U.S. but our government had told them no even though we an abundance of land, food, and water that we can give them.
At the time of the Holocaust, American soldiers only knew that they were fighting for the liberation of Nazi occupied…

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