The Syrian Refugees Essay example

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Syrian Refugees that are arriving in Canada face many challenges during the resettlement process. These refugees struggle with sanitary living conditions, shelter, food, education, em-ployment and health care. The number of refugees arriving at the same time takes a toll on the planning process which in return makes it difficult and overwhelming in finding suitable shelter for these individuals. Developing a proper resettlement plan is a major key in succeeding in this country. There are a number of recommendations that should be taken into consideration when preparing a resettlement plan for these refugees. The recommendations include housing these individuals in abandon buildings while also creating new opportunities for Canadian citizens. Treating any diseases before they spread is another way in which it will benefit these individuals. The Syrian refugees will face many obstacles throughout the resettlement process although these struggles cannot always be prevented, they can be treated & approached before they become more severe. Through the resettlement of Syrian Refugees many pressing issues have been encoun-tered. Housing of these refugees has become an extremely prevalent matter, which has arisen. Some of the places in which Syrian Refugees can be located in order to live a promising life, could be through finding abandoned buildings in the city of Toronto like old schools, hotels and even houses. These abandoned buildings should be up to par with health…

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