Essay On Syrian Refugees Crisis

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis has been an ongoing issue that has been mainly present since 2011 but has been an ongoing issue since the World War II era. Violence and turmoil has caused Syrians to mass migrate to other countries. However, the current refugee crisis has had a widening Impact in the neighboring countries of Europe. The First issue that needs to be resolved is that not a lot of countries have the courage to stand up and take responsibility on fixing the issue of migration. The second issues that needs to be resolved is that changing one aspect of economic, political or cultural wellbeing will not resolve anything. The final issues that needs to be resolved is realizing Syrians fleeing the country has been an ongoing issue since 1922. Not many countries are standing up and taking action to resolve the issue of migration which in turn causes more immigrants to arrive in their country. As said in the article “Migration is not a popular or pretty topic. It is easy to cry in front of your TV set when witnessing these tragedies. It is harder to stand up and take responsibility. What we need now is the …show more content…
“The world’s attention turned to Syrian crisis and the refugee question caused by the proxy war in the Syria very recently. However, Syrian migration is not a new phenomenon. The difference is the volume and transnational effect of Syrians today is particularly high” (Yuzgun 5). The Syrian refugee crisis has not been a major issue that has been followed by many until recently when the proxy war. There has been a higher focus today on the Syrians than in the past causing the news to focus more on the issue of Syrian refugees. The higher focus has been due to the higher volume of refugees that have been fleeing and the effect that they have on other countries when they flee

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