The Syrian Civil War Essay

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Many State governors have pledged to stop and prevent immigration and acceptance of Syrian refuges, however, refugee resettlement and immigration in general is not a state issue as set by a Supreme Court precedent and thus this will lead to confrontations between sate and federal powers.
The Syrian Civil War is a currently ongoing situation that is essentially a humanitarian crisis. The ongoing civil war consists of the Free Syrian Army who s trying to overthrow the current president Bashar al-Assad, and while many would like to see the president overthrown, the war has lead to civilian atrocities and war crimes on both sides. It is for the poor conditions in Syria that so many families are fleeing towards Europe and the resistance to accept those feeling has led to a refugee crisis. However, the terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015 in Paris which were carried out by ISIS has lead to many in the US to fear the resettlement of Syrian refuges with the thought that many could possibly have ties to the Islamic State as they do have a considerable presence in Syria and the ongoing civil War thus “Twenty-five Republican governors vowed to block the entry of Syrian refugees into their states, arguing that the safety of Americans was at stake after the Paris attacks” (Healy & Bosman 2015). This blockage of president Obamas plan though is not necessarily constitutional as proven by precedent that was set by the U.S. Supreme Court.
The current presidential campaigns are exasperating…

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