Serious Disease: The Aids Disease

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The Aids Disease is called the Aids Syndrome when you include all the symptoms that can

come from an infection. AIDS, the letters mean: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This

is actually the final step or stage and most serious parts of the disease process. The process can

even last for ten years until it causes severe problems in life.

This is a problem with the immune system in our bodies. It is our ability to fight off

infection from bacteria or viruses which are always trying to find ways to enter our bodies, our

organs, and cause us to have serious health problems and even an early death. The Aids

Syndrome is our body’s natural response to the HIV infection (the Human Immunodeficiency

Virus. Stages or
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But the

famous tennis player, Arthur Ashe, died of a bood transfusion that was infected in his thirties and

died quickly.

There is a test for the AIDS virus or HIV virus. This is a simple blood test which may have

to be repeated two times just in case. Sometimes, the first test is not for sure until the second test

or the Western Blot Test (Robbins, Laboratory Manual 2013.) is performed. The test for AIDS

is of great importance because you can be infected by someone or you can infect someone else

very easily with your body fluids such as by sex of all kinds and by the use of IV (intra-venous)

or needles that may not be clean. By this “clean”, I mean sterile (clean to the point of killing all

of the bacteria and viruses that are on them. These body fluids can be spit (sputum), blood,

gland secretions both oral and genital. This is all possible to be passed on to your partner either

intentionally or unintentionally. Condoms are a poor protection against such an infection but

they do help to some percentage to block the transmission. I will talk about this in the
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These symptoms can be weight loss, fever, night sweating,

extreme tiredness, gland swelling, rashes and sores, and even diarrhea that lasts a long time.

Even to the brain, you can have memory loss and depression. (CDC Manual, 2013.)

Some of the statistics or what they call epidemiology of the HIV/AIDS disease as of 2013

shows that “ among High School Students surveyed in the United States, 47% had sexual

intercourse and of these 41% used no condoms. 22% of this group who had sexual intercourse

among the High School students had also never been tested for the HIV or AIDS virus”.

Young gay men as well as bisexual men who had intercourse with either men or women partners

accounted for 20% of all new infections in the U.S. (Martin, 2013.) The HIV virus is one type

that is called the lentivirus. This one causes the immunodeficiency syndrome. It causes the

human defense system in our blood to be so low that any infection can start easily even the start

of cancer. With skin cancers and tumors in the body that can grow out of

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