Standard Deviation In Statistics

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Warning, quit reading now if you don’t want to learn about how important probability and different parts of it are. Still reading? By the end of this paper you will be able to identify what probability is and what the different parts are, how they can be applied in the real world, and why it is important in a career.
Independent Events what are they? When two events are independent of each other hints the name, this means is that one event has no effect on the other event. An example of two independent events is; if place numbers 1-5 in a hat then pulled numbers from that hat then put numbers 6-10 in another hat and pulled numbers. The outcome of one event has no effect on the other. Or say you 're a high school math teacher, you
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The symbol for standard deviation is this little g with the bottom cut off. It looks like this σ. It’s actually meaning is how far apart numbers are. To find the Standard Deviation you have to square the variance for the range of numbers whose standard deviation you are trying to find. You only need 3 things to find Standard deviation, 1 a set of data, 2 the mean of that data, 3 the variance for the numbers. An example would be A zoo keeper wants to see if all the monkeys in the zoo are close to the same weight or not close to the same weight. He takes the mean weight of all the monkeys. He then calculates the variance, then he square roots the variance which gives him the standard deviation. His standard deviation is very high. This indicates that the monkeys are of many different weights, or that he has a few monkeys who are either really fat or really skinny. This can apply in a career too. Say you are looking for a new job you are told that the average starting salary for someone working at the place you 're applying is $80,000 you may think that this has just become your dream come true, but if the standard deviation for starting salaries at is $25,000. That’s a lot of give or take room that could save you …show more content…
An segment in which order matters. Like a combination lock. If your combination is 17, 36, 89, 3 but if you put them in the order of 3, 17, 89, 36 the lock won’t open. That’s because it requires a permutable code. Other examples include license plates and even lotto ticket numbers. In the business world giving numbers in the right order could be the difference in a call back or not. Literally, if your boss asks for your phone number or address and you give him the right numbers just wrong order it wouldn’t work at all.
Combinations what are these? If combinations and permutations were twins they would be fraternal twins. On combinations order of a data segment doesn’t matter. If you call 4 people into a room the order in which they come into the room doesn’t matter. In a career if you have to email a list of people the same email it doesn’t matter who you email first. Or if you have a ton of work that 's all due by friday it doesn’t matter what order you do it in.
Probability (the odds of something happening) has many more parts to it than just these 6. It’s widely used by most people in the workforce or anywhere. It could cost you thousands of dollars or save you thousands of dollars. That’s why from reading this you have now gained more knowledge to help you further yourself in

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