The Symbols Of Judaism

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In a small town lived a boy named Tony; he was a curious boy and wanted to learn as much as he could. His mom was Jewish, but married to a catholic man, so her son does not practices Judaism. One afternoon, his grandpa came over and he was wearing a round hat, and the curious boy asked, “Grandpa why are you wearing that hat”. His grandpa replied by saying “it’s a kippah, and we Jewish men wear it to covering one 's head, and to honour god”.
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The boy was so interested about Judaism, he wanted to learn more about the origin as well as the beliefs, and his grandpa was more than happy to share.
His grandpa started off telling him how Judaism came to be 4000 years ago, and Abraham is considered the father of the Jewish faith because he promoted the central idea of the Jewish faith, which is that there is one God.
“Grandpa, is it the same the same Abraham in the bible?” asked tony.
“Yes, Jews
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Tony was so shocked, he had so many questions, he started by asking, “Why would Hitler want to kill the Jews, the Jews didn’t do anything to him, that’s not fair.” “Yes, Tony it’s not fair, people have many explanations, one is that he thinks Jews were the reason Germany lost World War One,” said Grandpa. Tony was saddened about how millions of Jews died for no reason.
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Tony was amazed at what he heard, he never knew Jews had a hard history, “Grandpa, does this still happen today?”
“No Tony, we Jews in Canada are lucky, we had such a troubled history, but here in Canada, we are thriving and Jews have to large communities here in Toronto and Montreal, now it’s different we get

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